Tachyon launches OPS and OPS HD helmet cameras, not as durable but way more tiny

Tachyon launches OPS and OPS HD helmet cameras, just as durable but way more tiny

We can’t say we’ve ever been particularly impressed by the video quality delivered by the Tachyon line of helmet cameras, but they’re a good choice for those who need a recorder that can take one heck of a beating — if you don’t mind some extra bulk. That fat has been banished in the new, slimmer OPS line which will be available in two flavors: a $90 VGA base unit and a slightly higher-end HD (720p) one for $140. If you’re keeping track that’s the same as the earlier XC and XC HD models, but these aren’t waterproof like those. The SD model is less than an inch wide and 2.252-inches long, while the HD model looks to be roughly $0.25 longer. Each camera is square in profile, meaning it can be rotated in four orientations on its mount, or flipped around backward. And yes, just like the XC cameras, Tachyon will be releasing a range of mounts for all your extreme endeavors, including shotguns, picatinny rails, and one that looks like an overgrown tie clip. It should be perfect for when things get fancy down at the range.

Tachyon OPS and OPS HD


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